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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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to. talk about you're watching r t coming to you live from moscow these are the top stories and how syria protests we've across europe as thousands demand alternative to severe cuts in countries from downwardly greece to belgium demonstrations are taking place just out of a key summit due to take off in brussels this thursday. the u.n. arab league envoy to syria kofi annan vows to tamp wanting dialogue between the syrian authorities and opposition during his visits to the country meanwhile the government troops are advancing iraq will stronghold within the city of homes or
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the authorities say armed terrorists are operating in ams the case of a palestinian detainee and anger strider draws widespread attention to israel's controversial detention policy three hundred palestinians are reportedly currently held in jails without official charge or trial. so the top stories here on our news continues at the top of the hour in the meantime though i bring you a moving story a family tragedy and dramatic separation our special report stay with us for that if you can. twenty years ago there was a maternity hospital in this building victoria will mugger gave birth to her first child here. through this window i showed my husband our son and three for the first time. after a long sleepless night of heavy labor under it was born he had
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a small injury from a difficult birth so he was brought to his mother for breast feeding already wrapped up after which doctors wouldn't allow her even to hold her own child. i looked at the bill and a strange thoughts came to me clearly that they had brought me a different baby. a mother of three sons victoria bill mother has never really given much thought as to why her eldest child is so much unlike his parents and siblings of victoria a main concern has always been to make sure that the boys were well fed properly dressed and happy. husband nicholai treated all his sons equally he never played favorites also any of them as an ugly duckling when his son was just two years old nicholas drew this picture on the wall
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of the house only years later did he realize it had a much deeper significance. once when we already had kids my wife and i were looking at this picture suddenly it dawned upon us the two wives ones where younger children collin invicta both of them are blown and then there was the black swan a dark haired and dark eyed boy on the day how did this happen. peace in the family was nearly shattered when the parents discovered that they had spent the past eighteen years raising someone else's child. it turned out that this one was not hers. it was from another floor. and moment dad told me that i was not their son. there was another one because i. did not believe it at first. and i was immediately fended and shocked.
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but i did not know how to react to the one way from home. i talked to my friends calmed down and came back. the shakespearean drama began to unfold in the larger family where andrew took a mandatory blood test to get a passport he turned out to have the rare type be blowed where his father and mother were type and pay respectively the result surprised even the most experienced doctors. every told me that it was impossible to have a different type of blunt like your parents i took an interest in genetics i found out what i color hair color was inherently child from his parents then i calmed down for a while. till i was haunted by the country was not my child then where was my son
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then with let's look at the most commonly used. group which is like a system a bureau has four different types one which is zero then a which is true the it is three and a b. which is four for example in our case we have mother who is type. two and she has either illegal or a eight or eight zero father is type one and the father has only zero zero the child in question has a blood type three which can be either b. b. or b. zero either the father or the mother or both of them are not the biological parents of the child. for victoria discovering the blood type was just the tip of the iceberg searching through her family's files at home she found old documents that
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had been untouched for years but all of their songs when andre turned one month i went to the doctor to measure his height and weight him i was very surprised the baby weight which is three hundred grams at birth but when discharged from hospital he's a weight was three thousand two hundred fifty grams. his height was fifty six centimeters but a month later it was fifty two centimeters back then when i was young i thought that my milk was so bad. the oldest son in a bag of family has always been an introvert always reserved and silent it was nothing like as an outgoing parents and didn't kick up a fuss like his brothers. when the two younger sons were born we began noticing that he was somewhat different he didn't sit down at the table together with us he refused to eat what we ate it would stand up and walk off without saying anything. people often told us he's very unlike you and through laughed it off yes he's more
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like our neighbor. nicholai and victoria began a private investigation they gained access to the archives of the old maternity hospital and found something startling on the exact same day that andrea was born another woman had given birth to a boy at the same hospital she lived in a neighboring village but the couple was too late she had already left with her only son. i was given a copy of the picture so this boy and his mother. i looked at him and could hardly believe my eyes open a new i put the boy's picture next to mine and andre's picture next to that woman's picture and it all became clear to me and when i was there a picture of the father there was no more doubt in my mind andree and his real thought agree henri were like two peas in a pot. serious grigori and. for almost sixteen
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years victoria's son lived in a neighboring village his name was feeling but he had blond hair. it's not easy for him to remember his childhood his upbringing was difficult at best. with poverty is everywhere here as you can see and i had to work take care of the cattle then chop would. feel was an only son but for some reason he always felt as though he didn't quite belong. in that world so my parents were always quarrelling. my father even with my mother but for the mom told me once that the neighbors around he used to make fun of her. saying that her son did not look like her at all so as i was too blunt.
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every day victoria looks into the faces of the boys who bought pies from her chaos in the city market. she hoped that someday her first biological son would come to buy something. and that she would recognize him. you know i went in the birth who worked at the market and i took this picture with me and. i told her that our response had been switched to the hospital. i showed her the pictures saying it was my son. and she said that she knew him as he had come over there. they did see each other at the market many times and victoria's heart still aches at the thought that she used to take money from her own son for the pious.
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what of the late hour remembers that boy with something out of the ordinary in his eyes she was poorly dressed and there is skinny. when fiola turned sixteen his father died together with his mother feel to move to russia to the northern city of your six thousand kilometers away. two years later when field or turn eighteen he learns that his was not the same blood as the people he thought were his parents. victoria and nikolai eventually found the phone number of the woman who may have been raising their son nicholas i called and it was filled up who answered the phone. it was about three in the morning. i was living in you could scupper time. with some i'm cold. he said we had a mutual friend. then he asked if i look like my father and mother i said something
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rude to him in response something like why are you asking such questions who are years old and why are you calling me at such an hour. asked him if he'd ever been told of his childhood that he'd been swapped to the hospital i explained to him that we had raised a son and recently learned that he was not. what he heard this his voice changed at once. and i realized that my son was crying at the other end of the line. the incredible story was first published in the newspapers but it soon captured the attention of t.v. journalists the drama of the two families finally meeting after eighteen years in which to speak on live television thank you thank you when the blood
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brothers miss the boys could barely hold but that is to say nothing of the saga thank you of course it was a shock and so when i saw my brothers i felt as though i had fallen my soul mates were very deep emotions welling up inside me. thank you but what looks like a happy ending for everyone involved was in fact just the beginning of the real drama . when i thought it was interesting how it's what o.m. was. all about the he got into his car turned his head away and drove off which was so hard to part. we seem to have found the respond again and again he was not around to look at how much we comforted ourselves with the thought that he would come back
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to us. three months after that meeting field or came to visit his biological parents just for a few days to get to know them better but he ended up staying there for eighteen months in the cold city of you could see the woman who had raised him to be left alone. download the official auntie obligation to your. touch from the. life on the go. video. my old cars and r.s.s.
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feeds now in the palm of your. question. this frail woman works at a car park as a gatekeeper. make sure strangers stay off the premises and keep a strict account of the cars coming and going so they return on time. she doesn't get paid much it's just enough to keep her going where is spinoza only thirty eight the child she brought up for eighteen years went to his real parents while her biological son refused to come to her. when the little. furder told me that he would go to mold all but to visit them.
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to see how they live yet six months passed. but. then i asked him. when he was going to come back. and he said that he was ashamed to leave his parents. oh you feel ashamed. aren't you ashamed after i have been raising you for eighteen years. well ok. of course it hurts but what can i do. well i thought it better was there probably entree could come to me and little by little we would find a common language but it did not work then surgery told me they would come
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to visit me with but i do not know when it will happen. fielder's real parents have never had money troubles just like many other people in moldova nicholai sells homemade wine victoria meanwhile makes pastries. here we go. to a new family often feel everything he lacked in his childhood a comfortable life with a quiet family and blood brothers. i saw that i had the same character traits as my biological parents when i arrived in moldova and got to know them better i realized that i am dry it was just like the parents who had raised me i got it straight away. with this and i never thought they
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would not love me anymore i know my parents they love me. but i was afraid to talk to them i don't know why but i was afraid. found himself in a difficult position having to welcome the person whose place he had been occupying since childhood. he was not going to step aside because a field or. under is very jealous should we were approach him about anything he immediately takes offense and does not want to talk. guys do want some juice and they want some. yeah ok. for the parents a meeting with their biological son also with the possible loss of their son whom they'd raved to. the country told me once mom i'm going to get. answered that she was eighteen old raese and he could go wherever he wanted. them
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to spend to always crying in the looking around the house so that he didn't see me crying. i got so scared. but he didn't leave. the field in a year and a half with a new family felt like a month all of the time back in your court maria spindle patiently awaited her guests only the occasional phone call brightened her loneliness. furder. hello i'm old how are you if your daughter calls maria time after time a true son under a never dials a number only occasionally does he take the receiver from his brother. and under a it's mom. and. i'm not expecting anyone anymore because i know that no one will come.
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it is my fate. maria has often seen her whole life as a real tragedy the deceased husband believes that their son was born as a result of her adultery he beat her and turned her out of the house together with the baby it never struck marie but the doctors of the hospital could mistakenly have given her the wrong child. i gave birth to my son on the way to the hospital and was unconscious for almost three days that is why i did not see the baby and he first brought a dark haired baby to me but then they said it was not mine and brought another want to me had launched one the task of finding those guilty a miss me examples was fruitless the prosecutor's investigation found the doctors who beyond duty the day when andre infielder were born and already quit their jobs over time there was no one to remember what happened that day. we made the decision
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not to initiate criminal proceedings because of the lack of evidence under the article on the exchange of babies. everything that happened has been classified as negligence you have the right to apply to court for compensation for material and moral damage. before they were able to claim for compensation from the hospital your family would have to take d.n.a. tests because the lawyers would be unable to accept a family resemblance as solid evidence physical appearance can be a good indicator of. getting people throughout the ages these traits was used to show whether i think of the child is the biological child or particular parent however it's not a definitive answer rather an indication of the possibility of parental non-parent age if you look at for example you can see that the parents have.
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the child has white hair for example but it is also possible that two people with doc have a child with a fair that actually will darken with age but also if you look at the other case. one for example the. brothers were little it is actually quite tricky it's not. the children i mean with. but if you look. over has no special laboratories for d.n.a. analysis has had to send the blood samples abroad to have the results returned by mail. there is one vital person missing from this table on whom the moment of truth
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depends the family decided to take a d.n.a. sample from the second mother one of the sons had to go to her. after six thousand kilometers and more than twenty four hours for your daughter returns home to the woman he once called his mother in childhood when she saw. the real was still struggling with feelings of resentment and could not hold back the tears. i mom. mom. why are you crying. if you look and how do you recognize his own mother she has lost twenty kilos over the past year it seems that maria still believes field or is her son.
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and perhaps with the help of this test everything will go back to the way it was and her beloved child will never leave her again. what we did to be analyzed d.n.a. profiles from maria and through order to see whether maria is the biological mother or the theatre or not and jetted data indicates that mary is excluded from being there were logical not or thought of what she did next is be obtained d.n.a. profiles from victoria bull market or nicholai will marga and their alleged son on dribble of markham and in this case we had to exclude biological parents of the parents so andrea is not the biological child of either nicholai or or tory. after wards we took a d.n.a. profile from florida and compared it with d.n.a.
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profiles from victoria and nicola. in this case the uptake. and not exclusion which indicates that biological parent that both parents is possible and the probability of this political power and he's ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine nine eight percent which is almost one hundred percent which indicates that there is actually the biological child of victoria a nickle life and not the biological child omari. the storks trying to persuade fuel to stay she understands now that she has no such right. field don't officially is with his biological parents he has decided to leave the area and move to moldova most likely never to return.
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she's far away and still she's suffering. and so it's hard for her to be without us she feels abandoned. of course i feel bad about it. but nothing can be done. we will try to help her somehow. the parents organized a party to celebrate their son's return to moldova doll family gathered together for the occasion nicholai and victoria were confident the field all was their son regardless of any d.n.a. test on trade is still the boy who they raised fifty eighteen years as if he was their own he will always remain dear to them. no i think shows my brother can call him a stranger good girl not brothers own mother but you know it is certainly joys that we have found our son and that we have never ever thought of abandoning one tree he
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said and i explained to my younger son scott could beat you to ever say to andre that he's not your brother even if you quarrel always remember that he's your brother and love him just like you always have. to. go home. quite recently another boy appeared in the mud a family nicholai in victoria of knowledge all to fly out there was abandoned by his parents. on. the lead up. to. the warmth of the
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family fireplace is what unites everyone in his home. in the parent's rest the spark of love for each child. but one who has no child to love is maria is left all alone in the far northern city of your cook school. from. this home.
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